My Method

Sleep is so important for both parents and children and my aim is to help the parent optimise this through support, encouragement and non traumatic practical methods that suit both parent and child whatever their particular situation. This in turn leads to the parent having confidence in their natural abilities. I firmly believe such confidence is in itself one of the most important tools.

In the first instance and bearing in mind the numerous issues that can affect sleep, I discuss with you your child’s sleeping habits and in particular what you see as problems. I do this through questionnaires, photos/videos and ongoing discussions. If we feel it is appropriate I am also happy to make a home visit.

Having evaluated what the issues are I find appropriate solutions for you. During our consultation I work out:

The best routine and timings for your child

That their sleep environment is suitable

That their diet is appropriate for their age

If anything else is influencing their sleep

Once all that is in place (and if necessary) I have a range of sleep training techniques that help your child gain the ability to sleep independently. These are tailored to your needs and parental style.

Success for me is when your goals are achieved and I can celebrate with you restful nights and good sleep patterns

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