Sibling packs

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0 - 18 months +

I know from experience that, sometimes, you may need help with more than one of your children. That is why I have devised a pack with special prices for consultations relating to each additional child. You can easily add one or two siblings to the package that you purchase. I find that working with the whole family facilitates the implementation of routines for the well-being of the entire household.

If you are interested in this service you can contact me by email:

I currently work with a waiting list. I will be able to start with your sleep plan approximately 2-3 weeks after buying the package. Once you made payment for the package I will get in contact with you to book the first appointment.

The cancellation or postponement of an appointment already booked must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the session in order to reorganize the diary with sufficient margin of time without causing any disruption to the sleep therapist’s time or to the rest of the clients. Appointments that are not canceled within that time frame will involve the full cost of a one hour session.

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