Terms and conditions of purchase

The person responsible for the online store and the services offered on this website is me: Olivia Polly Revaliente with CIF: X5057479D and registered address: Calle Los Pozos 7, Galapagar, Madrid. Below we set out the purchasing and contracting conditions to which the contracted services are subject.

  1. PAYMENT The prices of all products and services shown include VAT. The payment of orders can be made by bank card through the online store www.pollyrevaliente.com
  2. GENERAL CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE These conditions of purchase apply to all orders for products and services.
  3. REGISTRATION OF ORDERS The buyer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided at the time of purchase. When contracting services through the online store, if any changes or cancellations are required, they should be communicated using the data provided in the forms.
  4. MODIFICATIONS AND REFUNDS The purchase of advice offered by Polly Revaliente may be cancelled or modified in advance and for a justified reason at least 24 hours in advance of its provision. In the event that these cancellation conditions are not met, then no money shall be refunded.
  5. SECURITY All payments made through our online store are protected and confidential.
  6. DATA PROTECTION When you place an order through our online store, you agree to Polly Revaliente’s privacy policy. You may consult the policy here.
  7. CONFIDENTIALITY: All personal data and all circumstances and information processed during the service shall be treated with the utmost CONFIDENTIALITY. I shall not disclose personal or identifiable information to anyone without your express permission.

These conditions of purchase are subject to modifications without prior notice. Due to the diversity of cases, we reserve the right to apply special conditions when appropriate.

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